Farewell Message from SEE 2078 27th Batch Student

Today is a notable day for all the students of Grade X (2078 BS). I want to express my enormous congratulations to everyone including myself for completing our school graduation. We've spent more than a decade together. And I am sure all of us are feeling prominent, emotive and a little weepy. 
I would like to remind everyone that, we are not just the COVID batch. We prepared for and appeared in our Secondary Education Examinations. I can't forget the day when our SEE exams were over. As I walked out of the exam center after completing my last exam, I was feeling happy and weird simultaneously. I still can't justify that feeling. 

And today I would like to thank all my teachers for all the attention, care and few punishments that we got from their side. 
My words are not going to end up so fast. This is all for today.

Thank you. 


- Subhekchhya Yadav ( SEE 27th Batch)

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