What does love at first sight mean?
A mother’s love that treats you like kings and queens.
Where does true happiness lie?
Seeing a smile on her face when you fly.

Mother: Answer to every questions.
Mother: Risk her own life but give you full protection.
Mother: Epitome of pure love.
Mother: Whose sacrifices are high above.

God knows what is she made up of?
Has super powers like god?
Or superhuman strengths like superheroes?
Yet no force can make her energy overshadow.

She was the one who made you fly.
Cut her own wings but didn’t let you cry.
She sacrificed everything for you.
Fought with the society and its taboo.

There is some magic in her flaws.
There is some magic in her laws.
A child’s biggest source of inspiration,
As she deals everything with perfection.

She is the biggest gift to mankind.
She is the true meaning of womankind.
Wishes, greetings are nothing in front of her sacrifices.
Everything is possible with her advices.

Happy mother’s day to every mothers out there.
‘Thank you’ is so minuscule in front of your love and care.
Not just today but everyday you’re special.

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