Online Classes with Microsoft Teams

We are extending online classes for grade 8 of year 2077 from Monday 8 June 2020.

We are using Microsoft Teams platform for online class and other resource distribution for grade 8.

To get username and password to access these resources, please send FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH of student as email to info@swarnimschool.edu.np .

Microsoft Teams classrooms are being used for sharing information, documents (homeworks or assignments) with our students and conducting the online classes. Below, we are providing a brief introduction about what kind of technology we will be using.


Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. 

In the context of online classes, we will be using MS Teams , for conducting online video conference based classes as well as for sharing files and other resources that our teachers will be providing to our students.

Steps to access MS Teams

For accessing the features provided by MS Teams,we will provide the username(email) and password to access these resources via the email that the student or the guardians of the student provides us. 

The username and password for the students will be sent as reply to email. Username for the student will be of the format " name@swarnimschool.onmicrosoft.com " and password will be different for each user.

Once the guardian or student receives the username and password in their email, they can simply login to the MS Teams and have access to the resources.

MS Teams can be accessed by going to the link : http://teams.microsoft.com/ or by downloading MS Teams officially app in the student’s or guardian’s smartphones.

If you have logged in using browser on a desktop, you can download and use the Windows App for MS Teams or simple Use the web app instead.

If you are using Smart Phone, you can simply download the app 'Microsoft Teams' from play store or app store

Press "Sign in" and enter the credentials sent to your email address. 


After that, you can simply move through the various tutorials provided during first time setup to get used to MS Teams.


Move through the various step by pressing 'Next' button

MS Teams is a powerful communication tool that can be used for various usage and will be discussed in subsequent classes.


You can join online classes via the calendar section. Please visit the calendar section and check the date and time for the class and join the class.



You can check the Teams section where we will assign each student to a separate class and all online class resources and discussion will take place in this section.


Further discussions about the format of classes or types of video classes we will be taking will  be described in more detail in the first few meeting sessions.


If you have further questions, you can always message us in our facebook page or email us at : info@swarnimschool.edu.np

We hope all our guardians understand that venturing into online classes will be a learning process for our students and teachers. The teaching process will be tweaked to make learning effective as the days progress.

Or if you are using the mobile app, you can join meeting (online video class ) by checking the following helpful video :

MS Teams Mobile Join Class

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